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There is no end to the number of bikinis a girl can own.And with this post I am sure you each one of you will want to have one more to your collection. What is a Retro Bikini ? – Retro bikini is a two piece swimwear with a high waisted bottom Who should wear a Retro Bikini ? – Anyone, but it is perfect for those with a more curvy body and those who want to hide their abs or the lack of it Why should you wear it ? – Because it is vintage and looks classy even as a bikini What colours look best ? – Retro Bikini looks hottest with bright or neon colours like hot pink, bright red or polka dots

Kristen Stewart dons a retro bikini on GQ cover
Polka Dot retro bikini on Ebay
lover retro bikini by susien chong
Lover retro bikini by Susien Chong
Blue- black- White Retro Bikini on Ebay
Priyanka Chopra in a neon retro bikini in Her music video Exotic
Sonam Kapoor wears a classy off white retro Bikini on the cover of Filmfare
Taylor Swift in a red polka dot bikini
Tulisa dons a colourful Retro bikini
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Retro Bikini definitely stands out.I just purchased my first pair.How about you?

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