Top 5 Bars In San Francisco For A Girl’s Night Out

Don’t underestimate the power of a girls night out! Getting together with your closest friends doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should. When it does happen, you wonder why it took you so long to make it a reality. We urge you to let that feeling inspire your next outing. San Francisco is an especially advantageous location to enjoy a girls night out! There’s a reason why there’s close to 25 million visitors here each and every year, and that number is growing!

There’s truly a little something for everybody to enjoy as far as nightlife is concerned, and this makes it easy to plan a night out with friends. If you’re laid back you can count on chill spots like lounges, jazz bars, or a spa outing at one of the amazing resorts surrounding the area. The active crowd is sure to love taking on challenges at rock climbing destinations and other physical activity classes such as aerial fitness or pole fitness. The bar scene is equally as diverse as the locals, and we’re here with seven top choices for a girls night out in San Francisco.

Cityscape Bar & Lounge

This bar boasts the best views of the city. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself! It’s found on the 46th floor of the Hilton Union Square. This lounge has city themed cocktails that are just as impressive as the views that surround you. Don’t leave without trying their Pacific Heights martini and the small Dungeness crab plate complete with a saucy giardiniera.



This destination is perfect for those Pinterest gals who enjoy a bit of DIY. Here you can learn fantastic skills with friends in a fun environment. They offer things like metalsmithing jewelry, floral design, leather work, pickling, soy candle making, embroidery, screen printing, painting, and more. Learning something new is a great bonding experience!


Fine dining is often saved for special occasions, and we can’t think of anything more deserving than this get-together! This restaurant requires reservations, so be sure to think ahead if you want to put it on the itinerary for your night out. You’ll certainly be glad that you did when you enjoy a world-class meal and amazing customer service from start to finish.


Tonga Room

Imagine a tiki bar with a pool that has a boat with live musicians on it. That’s tiki bar for you. Based in Fairmont Hotel, this tiki bar is one unique place. With a super cool dance floor, fancy drinks and small bites, this is a perfect bar for girls night out. You don’t need a reservation for the bar but if you want a table for food, you need to book a few weeks in advance.


White Chapel

Love Harry Potter? This themed restaurant has magic books along with a train-like decor. Inspired from Harry Potter, this bar is a helluva cool bar with amazing gin-based cocktails. The line to get in here can get busy, so make sure you come early to drop your name. For a party of 5 and above, you can also reserve in advance. 


Some other bars to consider is Smugglers Cove, The Library, and Novella.

Now for the most important part – how do you get there?

Be sure to consider a safe mode of transportation for your bar hopping in San Francisco. While it’s certainly easy to order an Uber, there are much better options to consider for groups. Party buses allow you to stand and socialize in between your destinations, and you don’t have the hassle of ordering multiple rides. The convenience continues with the ability to personalize your soundtrack for the night on the modern stereo systems. For more information, head over to SF Bay Limo Bus.

Who doesn’t want a party bus like this for their night out? Be it a birthday or bachelorette or simply a fun get together, combine safety, comfort, and fun all in one.

What are your top bar picks? Share with us.

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