Signs of Attraction- How do you know if a Girl likes you

Love often has no rules. Often it works exactly the opposite of what we think especially when it comes to knowing if someone likes us or not. So if love has no rules, how do we know if someone likes us? I find this questions often posed to me by my guy friends. Men face this dilemma every day. I guess it is harder for men since they often take the first step. Hence they hesitate because they are unsure if they will face approval or rejection.

There are no set signs but definitely there are some subtle hints which if you observe you will know if a girl likes you or not:

Signs, she mostly likes you:

1.She is attentive to you – Often girls are distracted when talking to men they do not fancy much. If she has her focus on you and tends to smile or laugh often at what you say, perhaps she is interested in getting to know you better

2.She walks past you often – If you find yourself bumping into her often or seeing her cross your way again and again, chances are she is trying to get your attention

3.If she asks you if you have a girlfriend or seeing anyone – Usually girls won’t care to ask especially not on the first meeting. But if she does clearly she is weighing if there is any scope for something to happen between you both

4.She gets annoyed at you for no reason – If you find her annoyed at you for no reason, chances are that she likes you and has certain expectations from you which clearly you are not understanding. Maybe she expects you to take initiative or she has seen your flirting with someone else. If she doesn’t care for you, she will not get annoyed.

5.She will not keep refusing to meet you – If a girl likes you she might say no to you one or two times but not every time. If she is interested, she will equally want to see you.

6.She breaks apart from her group of friends just to talk to you – If she is leaving her friend to talk to you for a considerable time, she is interested. Chances are that her friends might also know she is interested in you. So if you catch her friends staring or giggling, it could be a sign that she might like you.

Signs, which do not confirm she likes you:

There are a lot of common myths surrounding things girls do to signal they like someone. A lot of websites state these common girly actions, which show a girl likes a man but beware,they may not be true. The following actions DO NOT establish if a girl has the hots for you.So men, look out and don’t jump the gun in thinking your friend is in love with you.

1.She plays with her hair – Girls play with their hair all the time, in front of anybody. It does not mean she is shy or blushing. It just means she wants to play with her hair. It is a common habit for girls

2.She replies to most of your texts – Girls are often very prompt with their text messages. Unless you are the creepy kinds or the one who keeps messaging 100 times a day, she will mostly reply to you or to anyone.

3.She flirts with you– If a girls flirts with you, she may or may not like you. Often girls flirt for attention. Girls love attention, from anyone, whether she likes him or not. On the contrary, if a girl who likes you might not flirt that much with you as she is careful of what you might think of her.

4.She compliments you or says “aww”– Girls are often very generous with their words. They love to compliment anyone. They also love saying ” aww”. This is just being a girl not a girl in love.

5.She asks for your help – A Damsel in distress does not mean you are her knight in shining armour. A girl may ask for your help maybe because she thinks you are trustworthy or resourceful but it does not mean she likes.

Hope this helps to all those who have millions of such questions running in their mind.

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