Paradisus Cancun Mexico Review : Best All Inclusive Resort In Cancun

Paradisus Cancun Mexico Beach

Looking for a great all-inclusive resort to stay in Cancun ? Well, check out Paradisus in Cancun Mexico. It is perfect for couples and families.

But Why Cancun?

Cancun remains one of the most popular holiday spots in Mexico, especially for tourists from the US. Some of the reasons that people love the paradise island of Cancun is –

  • It has incredible beaches
  • Great nightlife
  • Cheap drinks and delicious food.

Plus it’s close to Tulum, which means you can visit Tulum, all the amazing historic sites and gorgeous cenotes.

So when I was thinking where to go for my husband’s 30th birthday, Cancun was a no brainer and I have to say it was one of the best holidays we had. But as with any popular holiday destination, Cancun has a lot of places to stay and it’s important to know the do’s and don’t of what caters to your travel needs.

Cancun has two major areas

There are two areas of Cancun where hotels are located:

a) Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera) – The hotel zone has 14 miles of white sandy beach and the resorts have amazing Caribbean sea-view. These hotels are perfect for families, groups, singles and couples. You can also watch the bullfight at Plaza de Toros

b) Central area ( El Centro) – Downtown are on the mainland. Consists lots of shopping and local dining

Where Did We Stay

We decided to stay in the hotel zone which has some amazing hotels like, Ritz, Secrets of Vine, etc.

I spent almost 3-4 days scouring hotels to find one that fit all my needs – for adult couples, right on the beach, modern rooms, different restaurant options, etc – Paradisus Cancun checked all those boxes for the perfect all-inclusive adult hotel in Cancun. Plus we could apply our miles to book the hotel – so it was perfect.

One thing to note about Paradisus Cancun Mexico is that it has two areas – adult and family side. So if you are a couple, you can opt for the adult side, which is quieter whereas if you have kids, opt for the family zone where you have more kid-friendly pools and options.

Paradisus Cancun Mexico Adult Side

The staff at the Paradisus Hotel Cancun Mexico was amazing. If you book a room in the All Adult All inclusive package – you get your own concierge butler who helps you with all your needs throughout your stay.

Since it was Kaushik’s birthday, they were sweet enough to decorate the room and give us little treats in our room everyday. They also helped us with restaurant reservations so we don’t have to worry about it all.

We loved the hotel especially because of it’s gorgeous pools. They have around 3 huge pools with different depths in which you can just chill around.

Paradisus Cancun Mexico Adult Pool

The adult side pool also has amazing Bali beds that you can book for the day and have drinks/food right there while reading your favorite book. Make sure you book your bed in advance though if you want one right by the pool or beach as Bali beds are extremely popular and get booked very quickly.

Paradisus Cancun Bali Beach Beds

The one thing to however, to keep in mind is that with an all-inclusive hotel, you are limited to eat within the hotel since you’ve paid for it. So if you are someone who likes to explore different places to eat including local eateries, all-inclusive may not be the best option for you.

Where To Book

To book at Paradisus Hotel Cancun Mexico, you can use your Chase miles or book directly on the hotel website.

Cancun VLOG Below

To see my full Cancun vlog, check out the videos below:


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