Loving this furniture store in Singapore! Best Furniture Store In Singapore

Hi guys!

Let me tell you about this online furniture store in Singapore that I happened to chance upon recently.

It all started when I was hunting for some awesome furniture that I can add to my home—either to replace old ones or simply because I still didn’t have them. I have quite a busy schedule and honestly can’t go around to visit malls and furniture depots to shop and browse for the right furniture. For me, finding the right furniture pieces in physical stores take hours when I could simply look for the best ones online. Also, since all the designs are placed in one single location, it becomes difficult to find which piece will go well with a specific interior design style.

I kind of got excited when I read an article about interesting concepts for furniture. Not that I want all of the pieces that were listed in that article, it just got my juices flowing that I need to revamp my home and make it cleaner and more “put together”.

So back to Primero. While searching for great online furniture stores in Singapore, I found their site which says they focus on Scandinavian and minimalist design concepts for their furniture pieces. Just what I needed! To make my house clean and more spacious, I wanted to find pieces of furniture that are fully functional, efficient, yet still stylish and not boring.

One thing that I liked was in their bed frames in Singapore category which featured various designs that can fit any type of bedroom. I particularly liked the Marvin Storage Bed Frame that comes in Queen size. It had a very efficient storage space underneath the mattress area which you can lift up to store whatever you want. Talk about hiding stuff under the bed!

Another problem I had around the house was that I always had to look for my TV’s remote, my game console’s controllers, DVDs. It seems I just can’t head over to my living area and turn on my TV without having to look for things first. So I checked out their Sideboards and Console Tables category and TV Console Singapore category to see if there are any that will match my taste. I liked the minimalist designs of their TV consoles which will not go against with my living room’s existing décor. To top it off, they were fully efficient with storage spaces where I will be able to keep all my TV and gaming accessories in place.

Another thing that I liked with Primero was their Sofa Singapore category which had unique designs that are elegant and bold. I have to be honest in saying that they looked very comfy and something that I would want for my home especially since we often have movie nights and game nights. My old sofa set was no longer working because it wasn’t spacious enough which is why I’m really considering their Alfred Corner Sofa which has quite a wide sitting space. While we’re in the living room area, I’d also like to mention that they do have beautiful coffee tables that will surely match the Alfred Sofa that I will probably end up buying.

Since I was already in the hype of looking for furniture, I then went over to their dining category and browsed their dining benches. The first thing that entered my mind was “Why didn’t I ever think of using dining benches before”? Maybe because I thought that it would look like an outdoor picnic bench that had no place in my dining room. However, their dining benches were really breathtaking! Their designs were available in different shades and colors so it won’t be difficult to find one to match your existing dining room pieces.

Lastly, I chanced upon their table lamp Singapore category which had cool pieces! I really liked their Pixus Table Lamp which looked like a huge light bulb and the Oak Malmo Table Lamp which was like a person sitting! I know that my guests will notice these table lamps because of how cool and unique they look!

So, what’s my final say? I’m glad I stumbled upon this online furniture shop! Their pieces are really unique and easy to mix and match with each other. Not to mention that they are made from high-quality materials that can last for years. I fully recommend that you guys try to visit their site as well to see if you can find pieces of furniture for your home, especially if you have a busy schedule like me!


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