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We read so many articles on what women want their men to do, what they want their boyfriends to say, what guys should not do. How about we hear what a man desires. What should his ideal woman do or be like?

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We had our guest writer DJ (owner of www.vodkamevodka.com) tell the man’s side of the story :

Here are the top 10 Things a Woman SHOULD Do:

1. Compliment her man:  A man’s ego is fragile. Regular compliments help build confidence. A man will keep people that make him feel confident close and same goes for his choice of girl.

2. Be affectionate: While it might seem a no-brainer, men generally like a good cuddle. Hug your man from behind once in a while when he doesn’t expect it.

3. Encourage honest lines of communication : If you scold your man when he tells you what’s on his mind, you will find that he soon looses interest in telling you the truth. Instead of scolding him or pouting your face when you aren’t happy with something he said, suck it up and TALK to him. You aren’t always right, and he is allowed to have different views to yours.

4. Give him his time  : Your man loves you but he also needs time without you every now and then. Let him have drinks with his mates without pressuring him to be home. A man who feels trapped will most certainly break out of the cage one day. His time is very important.

5. Learn to enjoy some things he likes :  So you aren’t a big fan of his new Radio Controlled car, don’t ridicule him. Embrace his interests with him. You will find he will start sharing some of your interests as well.

6. Have his back :  If he’s floundering in an awkward social situation, back him up. Your duty as a loving partner is to help make your man look like a champ not a chimp.

7. Tell him how you feel: If he asks “what’s wrong” don’t say “nothing”. Contrary to TV shows psychics are not as common as you think. So he annoyed you? Tell him why; don’t frustrate him for hours by being insufferable. Tell him, talk for a bit about it and get on with life.

8. Initiate sexual play : It’s your job to keep things interesting too. If you don’t already, it’s time to start initiating sex. That means more than just a wink to let him know things are ready for him to make his move, it means get your hands down his pants and put a grin on his pretty face.

9. Talk quality not quantity :  If you like talking makes sure your audience is interested in what you have to say. A man will switch off when you start bad mouthing your work mate who he’s never met. If he’s responding with “ah-ha, mm-hmm”, chances are he’s already in his own world thinking about a piece of steak or his car. Change the subject, or let him talk for a bit.

10.  Learn his habits :  If he gets up in the morning, makes a coffee, reads the paper you already have a couple of opportunities here to make him happy. If he wakes up one morning and finds his coffee made with the paper sitting next to the cup, you have given him a good start to the day. These little things will make him VERY happy. It will also help you understand your man in more detail, helping you pick signs of when he might be stressed or under pressure.

Legend : DJ is a spirit enthusiast,entrepreneur and the owner of www.vodkamevodka.com.You can also visit his facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/Vodkamevodka
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