How well do you know your Jewellery – 3 Best Tips

We love earrings , necklaces  and all accessories  that glams and glitters us up but how many of us know the types of accessories available in the market.Knowing the different types of earrings and necklaces will help you figure out what shape and size is the best for your facial and body scale.

Let us look at some of the popular accessories.

Earrings :

Ear Cuffs –

Ear cuffs are trending high and we can see many celebrities wearing it on the red carpet.Ear cuffs surround your ear from top to bottom .They are available in various designs and shapes and give you a very edgy or rocker look.

ear cuff

Huggies –

Are earrings in which the setting closely “hugs” the earlobe, hiding the earring post.It is one of the most commonly worn earring type.


Hoops –

Metal tube earrings formed in the shape of a circle.They can also be half hoops which are C-shaped, half-circle hoop earrings.Replicate your hoop shape to your facial shape for the best effect.


Chandeliers –

An earring with a dangle.It looks somewhat like a chandelier.Best worn during parties, events and weddings.


Clusters –

They are composed of gemstones,beads, glass, or metal, grouped together in a cluster.Is versatile enough to go with most face types.


Dangles –

These are earrings that fall below the earlobe.They look best with long or larger facial size.


Studs –

Studs are a type of jewelry made up of a small component that fits onto the earlobe and does not dangle down from it.Can be worn by almost everyone.


Teardrops –

Studs or danglers that resemble teardrops.Best for oval or roundish facial type.


Necklaces :

Statement Necklace –

Statement necklaces are the most happening of all necklaces nowadays.It is a very versatile piece of jewelry and can be worn at work , social or casual gathering.Choose the size of your statement neckpiece according to the size of your face to look your best.

statement necklace

statement necklace celeb

Choker –

Choker are very popular in weddings.It is a close fitting necklace worn very close up on the neck.It is very similar to the collar necklace.Not very suitable for people with short necks.


choker celeb

Lariat –

Lariat necklace resembles a rope and looks great with people who have long neck.It is often delicate and can be worn both formally and informally.


lariat celeb

Fringe –

Fringe or tassle necklaces are tangled or multi-layered strands which give a waterfall effect.They give you the boho look and are perfect for plunging necklines and low neck tops.

fdringe celeb

Riviera –

Riviera necklace is a round neckline of stones or diamond studs joint together .They are elegant and classy and often the preferred option of neckpieces by members of royalty.

riviera celeb

Layer Necklace –

Layer necklaces are multiple layers of strands.They can be beaded, multiple chains or even many pendants clubbed together.It is important to be careful while wearing layered necklaces so you don’t look messy or overcrowded.Pair it up with a simple outfit and nude makeup for it to look the best


3 Key tips to choosing the right jewelry

1.Find your color 

: Most skin colours are divided into cool and warm.A good way to tell if gold or silver suits you more is by looking at the veins in your hand.If your veins appear mostly blue, you are cool toned that means silver is a better choice for you.On the other hand if they are mostly green you are warm toned  and gold will make you look more glowy. Having said that, this does not mean it is a universal rule but just a scale to determine preferences.

2.Don’t overcrowd

: Unless you are going for a wedding or a party, opt for one big statement piece.Either wear a statement necklace with no or small studs or chunky earrings with thin necklace or nothing.Wearing both will make you look like there is too much going on taking away the focus away from your face. Coco Chanel infamously recommended, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.

3. Each piece must be proportional to your facial shape ,features and scale.

: You should wear the jewelry and not the other way round.Make sure each piece that you are wearing complements you.Look at yourself in the mirror closely and pay more attention to your facial features.If you have an angular jawline, angular neck pieces and jewelry will be a better fit.Avoid chokers if you have small neck.Look at your wrists, eyes and nose.If you have delicate and small features , opt for smaller delicate pieces like thin bracelets, studs, pendant necklaces .Imagine wearing a huge statement neckpiece on a small face.So spend some time figuring out your facial and body scale before picking your accessories.

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