The 9 Commandments of Power Dressing

We keep hearing the term “power dressing” .What is power dressing and why do we need it?

Power dressing is wearing something that puts you in a place of power- Power of confidence.Clothes,shoes,bags,suits might seem materialistic and superficial but it contributes a lot to how people view you.We live in a world of first impressions hence what you wear often indicates who you are.If you dress sloppy, you might comes across as a person who doesn’t care .If you wear a gown in a picnic, you might comes across as pretentious.It is important to dress right especially in a corporate environment where it is a lot about instant judgements and creating an impact.

So how do you dress in a corporate environment to look like someone people must take seriously.Power dressing is all about that- to dress sharp and dress smart.Lets look at few tips that could change the way you go to work everyday and make you look like someone who cares.

1.Avoid Heavy make up :

It is always better to downplay your makeup in a corporate environment.Sure, red lipstick,fuchsia blush or smoky eye might suit you a lot but heavy make up tends to take away the focus from the rest of your body.Opt for nudes ,light pink,maroon or a more subtle red when it comes to lipstick.Keep the blush,foundation and eye, light unless you are going for an office party or work in a  fashion house.

Marissa Mayer,current CEO of Yahoo is often seen with all natural makeup with a light peach lipstick.
Marissa Mayer,current CEO of Yahoo is often seen with all natural makeup with a light peach lipstick.
Sheryl Sandberg,chief operating officer of Facebook opts for a subtle red lipstick and a tinge of blush to give her a natural yet stand out look with this beautiful 360 lace frontal wigs
Andrea Jung of Avon wears a bright red but she tones it down by wearing all white .Moreover the nature of her makeup is in line with the product she sells-Avon make up.

2.Focus on the Fit :

Fitting decides what makes the cut and what does not.You could be wearing a dull coloured or badly designed dress but if it fits well it will stand out.Most people ignore the importance of fitting esp. when it comes to suits.You can buy an Armani or a Prada, but if it doesn’t fit your body shape it will look shabby.Focus less on the brand and more on the fit.Skirts,pants and shirts should also be well sized.One must also note that fitted does not mean tight, it means that the apparel should suit your body type and not look like an oversized coat on a hanger or a shirt bursting through its seams.It should look tailored and made for your physique.



3.Learn to Accessorise

You can wear a simple evening dress yet make it stand out with the right accessories.Involve the use of belts,scarves,neck pieces,etc to add variety.By adding accessories not only can you mix and match but also be able to re-use your clothes a lot of times yet give them a different look each time.Belts can also help you fit a loose apparel better.

However be careful not to over do it.Do not wear earrings,necklace, scarf and belt all together.Keep it minimalistic.

If you are wearing a statement necklace, avoid a scarf or dangling earrings.If you are wearing a thick belt, avoid a big necklace.It is important to balance out.It is best not have more 2 accessories on you at a time in a corporate environment.

A well-fitted white dress goes perfectly with a black belt.It makes the white stand out. ( Inner Circle Garden Dress via Fabprom)
The black dress gets a bold look with the golden statement necklace
White shirts are the perfect attire to accessorize.You can wear any colour necklace or scarf on a white shirt to give it a more vibrant look
real hair wigs 
Anna Wintour editor in chief for Vogue and inspiration for Devil Wears Prada, is known for her classy dressing and statement necklaces.She has the perfect neck piece for almost every dress she wears
Scarves are another way to look smart but it is important to know how to wear it else it could make you look sloppy.



Blazers are a great addition to your corporate closet esp. if you don’t like wearing a full suit.If matched correctly, they can keep you warm and give you a very powerful look.

As opposed to sweaters and cardigans that must be handled more carefully to not give you a casual look, blazers automatically give you a business dimension.They look great with skirts or pants.

River Island Blazer (via Zalora)
River Island Blazer (via Zalora)
A blue cut blazer goes perfectly well with a formal long leather skirt.Simple yet powerful (Origami Jacket,Ezra by Zalora)
Sweaters as opposed to blazers must be worn smartly.Black sweater with a formal white pant (Mango,Open work Sweater via Zalora)
A white ensemble paired with light yellow blazer and statement necklace creates a very elegant look (Moyo Sera Crochet Jacket via Zalore)
A white ensemble paired with light yellow blazer and statement necklace creates a very elegant look (Moyo Sera Crochet Jacket via Zalore)

5.Make sure your pants are tailored well

How you wear your pants makes all the difference.Everything must be considered, the length, the fitting on the hip, the crease on the foot and the wrinkles on the lower bottom of your body.

  • Avoid pants with side-entry pockets or front pockets to give it a more sleek look.
  • Make sure you check the fitting around your frontal area to avoid camel toes that might attract attention.Fitting must not be too snug there.
  • Always try your pants with heels on to make sure you get the right length.
  • Boot and flare cuts are a strict no no at work.

Nowadays skinny pants are trending.Not only they fit well like jeans but manages to give you a very classy look.

Formal fitting black pants (Glitter Glam, Basic Pants via Zalora)
A well tailored patterned pant ( Black Monochrome Circle Print Slim Leg Trousers by New Look via Zalora)

6.Fill your closet with dresses  for variety

Besides pants and suits, dresses can look very formal and classy at the same time if chosen correctly.They make you more versatile.

Some of the cuts that you can consider are :

  • A-Line dresses – These are dresses that look like the letter A.Fit on the top and a little flared at the bottom .Such dresses  accentuate your waist area by giving it a better fit on that area
  • Shift dress- They are straight and do not give the body any shape but they can look formal if worn correctly and looks great with heels and statement necklaces
  • Panelled/Layer dress – Has a layer or a panel on it rather than just being a straight cut dress
  • Zip dress- Many dresses come with a zip to ensure better fit
  • Piped Dress- They have lines on the dress like pipes.Very popular with bodycon work dresses.
  • Avoid Backless dresses and dresses with spaghetti straps or plunging necklines
Two tone Zip dress ( Glitter Glam zip dress via Zalora)
Panelled waistband Dress ( Waistband dress by Closet via Zalora)
Mesh dress ( Inner Circle via Zalora)
Mango Flowy red shift dress
Shift dresses like these can look great with a statement necklace (Mango Flowy red shift dress via Zalora)
Geo Piping sheath dress - Ezra by Zalora
Geo Piping sheath dress – Ezra by Zalora

7.Find the right cut and hemline for skirts

There have always been questions around what length of skirt should you wear to work.My take is -it depends .Some people can carry off short skirt sometimes better than those wearing long ones.It really depends what is short to you,what industry you work in, what is your body frame and what is the cut and material of the skirt.Of course I don’t mean wear a mini skirt.That must be avoided at all cost but sometimes the length can go above the knee and yet look formal.

One must also be careful with slits.If too high, they could reveal more than they should.Hence slit cut dresses must be fitted well on the waist or else they could rise up giving you a look you don’t want.

What is trending nowadays is the fitted pencil skirts.It accentuates your body shape and gives you a very formal look.

New Look Polka Dot Pencil Skirt via Zalora
Double Zipper Pencil Skirt ( Ezra by Zalora)
Pleated Pencil Skirt by Glitter Glam ( via Zalora)
Split Front Pencil Skirt ( River Island via Zalora
Peplum Skirt ( Glitter Glam via Zalora)
A plain black pencil skirt can almost about go with anything (via Zalora)
White Mesh pencil skirt ( Ezra by Zalora)
This a line skirt goes above the knee but paired with a blazer gives a very formal look (Panelled A Line skirt ,Ezra by Zalora)

8.Experiment with colours and designs

Black ,white,dark blue and grey are the most common colours for a corporate environment but with changing times and trends , the corporate world has become more open to colours.Pink,red, orange have been known to be very popular colours as well.Block designs,abstract and aztec are very popular prints.Experiment with them to give yourself a more versatile look.

Dorothy Perkins colour block dress ( via Zalora)
Maroon Lace Panelled A-Line Skirt Dress from EZRA by ZALORA
Moonriver Pearl Lined Pink dress (via Zalora)
Print dress by MEXX ( via Zalora)

9.Own at least 2-3 good pair of heels – Black/Red/Nude

As much as flats are comfy, a good pair of heels makes a lot of difference.It gives you a bigger stature and a more elegant look.Shoes are at the bottom of your body but they makes a huge lot of difference on how people view you.Make sure you are not wearing slippers or sandals at work but a good pair of clean heels.You can always keep flats in your bag for traveling to and fro.

  • If you are petite frame, it is a good idea to purchase a pair of nude heels as they make you look taller
  • Red always makes you stand out.You will be guaranteed to get compliments on it
  • Black goes with everything so if you can’t purchase any other colour make sure you have at least black.
  • Platforms are not the best type of shoes to wear at work.Opt for pumps,peep toe or strap heels
  • Avoid too high heels if you can’t manage it as it will give you a clumsy walk.There is nothing more unattractive to see a girl unable to manage her her heels by her walk.
Red ADRIENNE Satin Toe Cap Heel by ShoeMint
Red ADRIENNE Satin Toe Cap Heel by ShoeMint
aldo pumps
Aldo pumps
Nine West Martina High Heel Pumps
Nine West Martina High Heel Pumps


So embrace the power in you and dress to kill.Dressing for any occasion at the end is all about comfort and how confident you are to carry off something.The inside confidence reflects on the outside. Sometimes we are afraid to try with the fear of being judged but you will never know what looks good on you if you do not try it.At the end,fashion is all about experimenting and finding your personality and reflecting it in the clothes you wear.


Source :  Zalora SG  - Most images have been taken from Zalora, Asia's leading online fashion destination which brings you a huge collection of brands to choose from, the very best and latest.Please visit their blog Zalora SG if you wish to purchase any of the above dresses or more.Enjoy free delivery above 40 SGD.

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  1. great coverage by TCC team! since i go to work wearing something different everyday, and am still discovering the perfect style statement for me (i guess it will keep evolving!), this article of yours has struck the right notes! very practical stuff n cool pictures… carry on the great work 🙂

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