One Metrojack please !

So are you one of those still following the beard-trend? Are you what we call a lumbersexual man?

The LumberJack Men
The LumberJack Men

[pullquote]Lumbersexual” – “One whose style resembles a lumberjack.Beard, brawn and lots of flannel.[/pullquote]


Unfortunately most men are following this trend blindly and have forgotton one basic thing which women love – Grooming.We love well-groomed men, men who know how to take care of themselves.

Women like ruggedness but being unkempt, definitely not.If your wife or girlfriend is constantly asking you to shave off your beard perhaps you are not cutting it right .Luckily, the trend now, is moving from the macho, laid-back  lumbersexual to the suave and groomed lumbersexual. You can say that this man is a cross between a metrosexual and a lumbersexual. He is what we call a MetroJack ( coined by Tom Puzak, Gear Junkie). Picture Harvey Specter with a stubble ( Gabriel Macht in Suits). That would be a metrojack.Someone who looks tough yet cares.


So unless you are looking to add a few years to your face which a beard does to you, it is time to embrace the new trend and impress your better half.

Move away lumbersexual ! The “Metrojack” is here.

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at AM 02

Judge for yourself.What look do you prefer? The lumbersexual or the Metrojack ?





shahid 2




I know my preference.What’s yours?

Disclaimer : No we are not stereotyping men or putting them in boxes.It is a trend.Follow if you like else figure out your own style.

We heart you,♥

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