Fashion Police – Trends at the SF Pride Parade 2014

This was my first SF Pride Parade ever and I have to say the best Pride Parade I have ever attended.There was music,jazz,flash,exuberance,positivity and lots of attitude.

San Francisco proudly presented their 44th SF Pride Celebration on the weekend of June 28 and 29, 2014, in downtown San Francisco.The Parade ended at Civic Center ,at the foot of San Francisco’s historic City Hall where Harvey Milk (first open Gay politician to be elected to the public office) once stood and addressed Pride-goers more than thirty years ago.

With over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than 20 stages and venues, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation.

The 2014 Event Theme was “Color Our World with Pride”.The parade boasted of many floats including the popular Netflix show – “Orange is the New Black” which was showcased by Lea Delaria or fondly known as Big Boo on the show.There was a large corporate presence at the parade as well esp by Apple Inc.

The fashion scene was phenomenal at SF Pride Parade.Colours, colours and more colours, the most prominent of course being pink and the LGBT rainbow donned by most even the allies.Some fashion styles were dominant, perhaps symbolic of the LGBT pride.

1. Tutus

Tutus symbolise a strong cause and hence many pride-ers as we call them and supporters wore fancy and pretty tutus of varied colours.

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2. Wreath head bands

Wreath head bands dominated the hair fashion scene with pretty flowers resting on many manes.





Bikinis symbolise freedom.Freedom to be able to be comfortbale in your own skin and choice of apparel without having the fear of anyone judging you.As a result many Pride-goers wore bikini’s to support the cause in Sunny SF.

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4.Rainbow hue High Knee Socks

Rainbow coloured high knee socks was prominent all over the streets.




5.Crop Tops and High Waist Shorts

Crop tops and high waisted shorts were the number one choice for most girls at the Pride event.Denim,leather and cotton.Stripe,stars and block.Pink,Yellow and Blue.These crop tops were seen in many colours and forms.

Just a note but crop tops have been rated this years hottest and most trending apparel for women.






6.Tights and Leggings-

Tights and leggings were another favourite apparel amongst many either leather, full , torn or tattered.

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7. Psychadelic and Rainbow Colours-

Psychedelic ,tie-dye and rainbow colour combination clothes were seen all around from young to old.Apparent smell of weed and psychedelic colours mixed with music just made everyone go back to the 70’s.

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8.Beaded necklaces

Beaded necklaces were strewn all over the place and were even being sold by vendors on the streets.



9.Head Gears /Hairstyles :

There were all kinds of head gears, head bands and hairstyles.The wackier it was meant the cooler it is.

14352205508_15737f4c46_k 14540172085_66d596639b_k






Big Boo from the super hit Orange is the New Black also showed up to support the amazing cause


And that’s me clicking in pink


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