7 things women say and do but what it actually means

Women are very expressive but at times they can be extremely subtle and if you do not get her subtleness at the right moment,chances are you might land yourself in deep trouble.Read on to understand what women do or say but what they actually mean.

1.She asks you a random question :

[pullquote]Women never ask anything random.Everything has a reason behind it[/pullquote]Women never ask anything random.Everything has a reason behind it.If your gf has brought up a question about a certain night ,party ,girl or your fantasies ,chances are she knows something that you don’t know she knows.Perhaps she has seen something on your social account,phone or email.Be wary and talk to her immediately.

2.She suddenly stops fighting and goes all quiet :

This calls for high alert.Till the time your girlfriend is fighting out loud,shouting or crying, it is fine.She still wants to make up.The moment she stops talking,texting or calling, she is at a point where she doesn’t care and thats when you should start caring and making up else it is a downhill battle.

3.She de-activates her Facebook account :

Women will never de-activate her FB account unless she is trying to prove a point.Clearly she has relationship issues and is really angry with you.

4.She says Ok/Fine/Cool/K/whatever :

Women never use short words.They have a tendency to over express.If she is using short forms such as the above, she is not happy about the conversation that has happened before.Try read between the lines and amend it.

5.She is being super playful :

She wants sex .Women by nature prefer men to initiate sex.Even though we are in the modern century where a lot of women are taking the bedroom action into their hands, there are still a bunch of women who shy away from openly expressing their desire.This does not mean she does not want it.Men need to understand that women just like men have equal needs.So if she is cuddling too much,playing with your ears ,hair, kissing you randomly, get the point and start the show.

6.When she says “anything is ok with me” or “lets do something”:

She means plan and decide.Women like to have a say ,true, but they love it more when you plan or decide something for them.It makes her feel wanted.If you are always asking her to decide what to eat, where to go, then it is time you stop that.Start choosing for her at times.She will feel as if you have a right on her and hence feel loved.

7.When she asks ” Do you love me” ? :

If you respond to that with ” yes i do”, trust me you will get a response which starts with a “but” leading to another hour of discussion.When she asks you if you love her, don’t give her a monosyllable answer.Tell her why you love her ,how much she means to you and how absolutely you cannot do without her.She is digging to know how indispensable she is to your life.

We hope you liked this post and it helps you to understand your women better.

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