6 Online/Blog shops Shopaholics in Singapore will love

Where do I shop for good clothes? Is this online shop reliable ? Will I get what I see in the catalogue? Is it value for money? There are just so many blog shops, which one do I choose?

I’m sure every girl has asked these questions. If you are one of them, this is the right place to answer all your doubts.The Crispy Corner has put together a list of 6 online shops we think you will love.This has been based on feedback,survey and personal experience.

1.Love Bonito

Love, Bonito was founded in 2010 by Viola Tan, Velda Tan and Rachel Lim .They are one of the most popular blogshop in Singapore and are considered  fore runner in the Asian Online Fashion scene.

Sell : Dresses,tops,bottoms,shoes,bags.They have sizes ranging from XS to L They update their stock with new trends and have exclusive designs that you surely not find anywhere else.

Why shop at Love Bonito ? :

  • Quality of clothes are known to be very good
  • Due to their popularity,their stocks often run out quite fast.However Love Bonito has maintained a system where they email you when they release new stocks on their website so people who have missed the last stock have a chance to order again.
  • They  provide a full credit refund if the item purchased is the wrong size, so buyers can be rest assured that no money is wasted if the item does not fit.
  • They believe in charity.Since 2012, Love, Bonito has donated apparels to university students running charity drives and more notably, The Salvation Army.They have also committed to donate part of her profits to a charity of her choice annually.

Price Range : $30-40

International Shipping : Yes

Website : http://www.lovebonito.com
love bonito
Jerri Bustier, Finlay Peplum dress and Ashton Pants
Source : www.lovebonito.com

2.MGP Label

MGP was founded in 2006 as a blogshop by Angela Ang and her team. They are a leading brand of apparels that offer fresh weekly designs.

Sell:  Dresses,bridesmaid,bottoms, tops .They also promise weekly launch of new products

Why shop at MGP ? :

  • They have great sales featured on their website time to time including groupon deals as well
  • MGP upgrades their collection according to the latest trend each week.
  • The clothes are priced very reasonably and is very popular with the young crowd.

Cost :$25-$33

Website : http://mgplabel.com
Kendra Peplum dress, Gabriela emboss top, Ambrosia peach dress
source : http://mgplabel.com


 Sell :  Accessories and Apparel, Women’s Fashion, Handbags, Women’s Shoes, Dresses, Maxi Dresses,Jackets .Their range of clothes is extremely wide.

Why shop at Tracyeinny ? :

  • Large stock collection
  • Online and retail shop options.You can have it mail delivered or collect in person at  Bishan or Chinatown.You can even try the clothes are their stores.
  • Wide range of clothes in different materials and clothes.

Cost : $25-$32

International Shipping : Yes

Website : http://www.tracyeinny.com.sg
Adny Paisley Dress in Red,Austen Crinkle Top,Acke Luxe Floral Print Dress
source : http://www.tracyeinny.com.sg


Vividoll is Singapore and Malaysia first online wholesaler to globally distribute a wide range of fashion products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

Sell:  Accessories  Apparel, Women’s Fashion, lingerie, bikini, Handbags, Women’s Shoes, Dresses, maxis .

Why shop at Vividoll? :

  • Wide variety of collection of dresses and lingerie.The specialize in Korean and Japanese fashion
  • Online and retail shop options.You can have it mail delivered or collect in person at  Fareast.
  • Discount email often sent to subscribed user.You can use the discount vouchers while purchasing to get sales
  • Prompt delivery at chosen time and swift email response
  • Extremely cost effective as there is no PayPal surcharge of 3.8% + $0.50.They fully absorb the PayPal fee incurred.

Cost : $15-$20

International Shipping : Yes

Website : http://www.vividoll.com
long black dress, black crochet,hot pink shorts
source : www.vividoll.com


Dresslink belongs to Hong Kong Sunweb Technology Co., LTD, which is a worldwide online fashion clothing seller.They are based in Hong Kong but deliver to most of the places in Asia.They have their own factory in ZHANGZHOU , FUJIAN to provide more than 10,000 styles. Their quality can be a hit or miss though.

Sell:  – Accessories  Apparel, Women’s Fashion, lingerie, bikini, Handbags, Women’s Shoes, Dresses, maxis .

Why shop at Dresslink? :

  • Quick delivery
  • Reasonably priced clothes and accurate sizes
  • Huge variety of apparels and shoes

Cost : $15-$20

International Shipping : Yes

Website : http://www.dresslink.com

Point Paillette Round Collar Dress FINEJO,polka net yarn dress, blue long dress Source : www.dresslink.com
Point Paillette Round Collar Dress FINEJO,polka net yarn dress, blue long dress
Source : www.dresslink.com


Sell : Floral Prints, Handbags, Dressabelle, Accessories and Apparel, Women’s Dresses, Women’s Tops, Women’s Fashion, Women’s work attire.

Why shop at Dressabelle? :

  • Great range of dresses which you can wear at office or as casuals
  • All the items are Dressebelle (DSB) labelled and their product quality is considered quite high by various reviewers
  •  They have a Concept Store too @ Grandlink Square which operates from Monday to Saturday
  • Prompt reply to emails

Cost : around $30

International Shipping : Yes

Website : http://www.dressabelle.com.sg
structured flare dress, long sleeve top, aztec cut bodycon
Source : www.dressabelle.com.sg

You can find voucher codes for these shops also at http://www.myvouchercodes.sg

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing superb article about 6 Online/Blog shops Shopaholics in Singapore will love. This is very useful information for online blog review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Aneesh Paranjay,

  2. Has anyone bought clothes from Mabel Dress? Saw very few review on it and a post that say they sell bad quality clothes. Please advise. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much 🙂 actually I already bought the clothes after which I realise there were negative reviews. Hope things will turn out well.

  4. Comparison shopping can offer a means of saving some money but it can take up much effort and time, which may not be practical for anyone who is starved for time. Save time traipsing around shopping malls for eg http://www.lazada.sg offering the best deals in Singapore with all products under one online platform and at extremely competitive prices


  5. Please do not buy from mabeldress because their quality is really bad. The cutting is not properly measured at all. One of the shirt I received cannot even allow the head to be fitted in! Also one of the sleeve is smaller than the other. And their materials are not too good. Don’t be cheated by their cheap prices!

  6. I like the design of your blog , actually white color is my favorite so i like everything in white if its a blog or dress or anything. And all the dresses are just awesome and models as well haha no literally nice post and blog.

  7. Hi…it’s really a nice and useful info. I am glad that you shared this. In online shopping we have to choose reliable online store. Not only about the price but also has a good quality comparable to the price offered. You can also shop at umaandleopold.com ; their quality is fabulous with unique and trendy styles.

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