Month: April 2016

3 Kinds of oil that should be part of your natural beauty routine

I have spoken about using essential oils a couple of times and I stress on it as it has made a great deal of difference in my beauty routine in terms of going all natural. Today I will tell you a little more about 3 kinds of oil that I use time to time in my […]

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Do You Shop Because You Fear ?

Are you one of those shoppers  who buys or keeps things in your closet out of fear ? – Fear that the sale will get over and you will not get that huge 40 % percent off again, fear that you might need an item in the future and not have anything appropriate to wear? […]

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Fashion Stylist or an Image Consultant – Understand The Difference

I recently did a survey to understand what people think of image consultants and was surprised to see that as much as people understand who fashion stylists are, many are not even aware that a profession such as an image consultant exists. What is more surprising is that 80% people either have not hired image […]

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The ‘Gray’ Connection

One of my all time favourite colors apart from black is of course gray (spelt Grey in UK, if you were wondering), to be more specific, stone gray. It’s an extremely versatile color that most skin tones can pull off. Psychologists state gray to be an unemotional color, a color that depicts indifference or neutrality. But […]

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Beauty Focus – Benefits of Moringa Oil

I have always been someone who is finding and supporting natural remedies to daily problems. As a result of which, I have always been a  fan of natural oils. So when a dear friend and founder of MoringaWhat introduced me to the Moringa oil or oil that is extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, also known […]

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Color Trends – 6 Must-Haves For Spring

The season everyone has been waiting for, is finally here. Take out those pretty dresses, floral shirts and frilly skirts. Embrace the sun and smell the flowers. Welcome Spring !  Every season has its set of trending colours which can be seen vividly on the runway, amidst bloggers, in fast retailers, etc. This season I bring to […]

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