Month: October 2015

5 Beauty Products I Cannot Live Without

In my previous ask-me post I received a lot of questions around beauty, skin-care and hair. I am not some beauty or skin-care guru but if there is one thing I would tell my readers , that would be – as much as you should be comfortable in your own skin, you do need to […]

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Crop It Like It’s Hot

Before I go into my outfit details, a small thought of the day for everyone feeling uninspired for any reason- If there is one important thing I’ve learnt in my late twenties is that life stops for nothing and for no one.The only way to succeed is to accept this and keep moving. I recently watched […]

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Fashion’s Iconic Capitals

New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, so on and so forth. We keep hearing about these amazing fashion shows in the key cities of the world but do you even know what each city stands for in terms of style and creation ? Have you ever paused to think why are these the fashion […]

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Playing With Plaid – The Bloggers Brunch

Fashion Blogging as seamless as it may seem in the pictures, requires a lot of work. Right from planning your outfits, figuring out angles, editing and then writing about it. The work gets easier when you have a support group, a group where you can talk a common language, share problems, discuss solutions and above […]

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A Furry Rendezvous

No silly, of course this is not real fur. This furry rendezvous is just with a little faux fur infinity taupe scarf I bought in a quaint little store during my holiday in Amsterdam in January. Sometimes you get the most wonderful things in tiny stores in some tiny crooked lane. All it takes is […]

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The Fall Connection

Toasted brick,orange , yellow leaves laying softly around, a crisp cold breeze with a bit of warm sunshine, tangerine pumpkins and amazing clothing collection everywhere .Yes that is fall for you. Did i mention the shopping part is my favourite. Warm furry jackets, Snug sweaters, round brown hats can be seen in almost every store. My favourite […]

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Be fashionably fit and fit to be fashionable – Sports Wear Exclusive

One of the things that I have been procrastinating for a while now is is my gym goals. It is not easy to pick yourself up and go to the gym everyday. What motivated me though is the thought of buying new gym wear. Shopping is always the greatest motivator. Here are my top 5 […]

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Under The Spotlight – SF Fashion Week 2015

I have been so excited to share this post with  you. This was my first time at San Francisco Fashion Week and it was a great start to my move to San Francisco a month ago. Before I proceed, pardon me on the low quality picture. The lights were not the best and I only […]

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