Month: May 2015

The Cape Blazer Affair

Sometimes you don’t have a high resolution camera or a photographer to take those well-lit, posey, I-am-aware-of-my picture-being-taken-but-I-will-look down-and-pretend-it-is-a-candid type picture. Yes, fashion bloggers do that all the time. It is not easy coming up with outfit posts. A lot of planning goes into it if you want those high quality pictures, right from planning the […]

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A Date With My Kimono

Japanese influence has always been there on western fashion. Remember the Harajuku girls in Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl that led her to start a whole fashion line on Harajuku styles (a place in Japan known to be the center of youth and fashion culture). Then there is Diane Von Furstenberg’s uber-popular kimono collection. European designers […]

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Why Maxi Dresses Are a Great Choice This Summer

So summer is on its peak and so is the holiday season. Hari Raya is around the corner and Zalora Singapore brings us the perfect collection for this occasion. I have always been a fan of maxi dresses. Of course they look great during the day for brunches and beaches, but I honestly think they […]

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Gallery : Fashion Sets

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Gallery : Style Tips

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The Pink Flare

The Crispy Corner was born out of my love for fashion, trends and style. More than anything, it was created to help people understand that style is something very personal to each one and to discover that, one must first, embrace themselves fully. There is a very famous saying; ” If you can’t be truthful […]

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7 Met Gala 2015 Outfits That Could Have Looked Better

So the Met Gala is over. We have all seen the best and worst outfits. But the beauty of every fashion show, every celebrity gala and every red carpet event is that it teaches us some do’s and don’ts of styling. The whole point is to learn how you can pull off an outfit in […]

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When Rihanna Wore Guo Pei

In 2013, I had posted a blog which covered my experiences at Asia’s first couture Fashion Week – Fide Fashion Week 2013 held in Singapore.There, we raved about the 48 – year old Chinese Fashion designer Guo Pei Guo Pei designs are very oriental in terms of its patterns and embroidery, yet there are traces of […]

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Trending : Vintage is The New Men’s Fashion

We are noticing a lot of vintage details coming back into fashion nowadays. Style picks like the Aviator glasses, suede trench coats , panama hats, bell bottoms are bringing us back into the suave era of the Cary Grants and Gregory Pecks . In fact, vintage designs are produced even today, by high end designers like […]

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