Month: November 2014

Shop Alert –

Shopping Lovers brace yourself, we have a new website for you to bookmark – I came across this website through a fellow blogger and I knew some of my readers will surely love it because of the great features it has to not only showcases clothes, shoes and accessories for both men and women but […]

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Shop Alert – Off The Rack Asia

Your Wish is their Command Love online shopping but confused where to shop? Desire to create your own sets before purchasing clothes to see what goes well together? Looking for trendy yet reasonably priced wide variety of clothes.If you are looking for answers to all these questions then we have the solution for you- Off The […]

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Event : The Battle of the Bars

Singapore Edition 2014, FOU-DRÉ Bubblegum Cocktail Competition Last 2 weeks renowned Vodka Blog VodkaMeVodka held a Cocktail Competition using one of the top Vodka Brands FOU-DRÉ Vodka.The competition was to asses which bartender could come up with the most creative cocktail that tasted like a bubblegum.They had to use Foudre vodka as their base.Pronounced, FOO-DRAY, the name denotes its […]

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How to choose the right skirt for yourself

Now who doesn’t like the feminine,dainty, versatile piece of clothing called the skirt.Perhaps not many. The first skirt discovered dates back to 3900 BC .It was straw- woven and was discovered in Armenia.Skirts have since then been worn by both men and women over many cultures like the ‘lehenga’ and ‘lungi’ in India, kilt in Scotland […]

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