Month: August 2014

Review : Clinique Moisture Surge

Product : Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Rating :       Review : Clinique has been one of my favorite skin brands but this products takes my love for it to another level.This product is” irreplaceable” in my cosmetic kitty. For years I suffered dryness associated with applying foundation especially with the powder […]

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Review : Escada Born in Paradise

Product : Escada – Born in Paradise Rating : 4 Stars     Type : Fruity   Review : The name is true to its fragrance – Paradise. When I smelt it, I was transported to the tropics.Sunny, blue water, calm skies and a Pina Colada in the hand.It smells holiday all over. Clearly the notes […]

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10 First Date Questions asked by men

Answered Exclusively by Women First dates always manages to give you dancing butterflies in your stomach.You are jittery and have tons of question on what to do and what not.We gathered 10 questions that most men wonder in regard to first dates and got 3 girls to answer them straight on. Please note names have […]

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Trending – It’s all about Black and White

The Autumn/Winter Fashion Week early this year showcased a lot of black and white in the runway.It is not a trend but a fashion which is eternal.A fashion glorified by the likes of Chanel,Dior,Ralph Lauren,etc.To those who don’t know, the “Little Black dress” was created by Chanel.It is the safest bet one can take but […]

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Trending- Working the Bralet Top

Cropped Corsets and bralet tops originated in the 1990’s and re-entered fashion in 2012 with the celebrities wearing it and models strutting the trend in runways for Dolce Gabbana, etc.But there was still hesitation for everyday girls to wear it due to the risk of revealing too much.It has suddenly picked up trend again due […]

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7 Common relationship myths and why they are not true

Relationships never have a general rule that works for everyone.Each relationship is different as per the circumstances and the individual.Let see the common rules that in reality might not really be applicable. 1. Myth : Once a cheater always a cheater.Never forgive a cheating partner Truth : Mostly yes, but not everyone.People make mistakes.As much as […]

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