Month: December 2013

The one thing that tells you IF you are with the right person or not

There are so many articles, books and self-helps that give you tips on how to identify the right person in our lives.But there is one key quality that can tell you if you are with the right partner- “They make you a better person” Let me tell you the story of Tanya. Tanya used to […]

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How and Where do you find love ? – 10 Lessons

I have come across this question many times in the last few months. How do you find love? Where do you find love? What do you do if you are reaching 30 and have still not met your soul mate? I have been requested a couple of times to share my thoughts on these but […]

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Style Check- Adriana Lima and Her Leather Skirt

Who :  Adriana Lima at the Haitian Heroes of St. Luke Foundation on December 10, 2013 at The Garage by Kenneth Cole  in New York City. (Adriana Lima is a Brazilian Victoria Secret model and is married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric with whom she has two daughters.Adriana Lima claimed in an interview prior to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion […]

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5 Facts on Why men talk less and Women don’t hear

“Why does it take you so long to reply “, “Why are you so insensitive “, “Why don’t you hear me out before talking so much”, “Why didn’t you call?” or “Why didn’t you pick up your phone”. Heard these lines in a relationship before? I am sure you have. The male and the female […]

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Style Check – Irina Shayk in A Herve Leger

Who :  Irina Shayk ( a beautiful Sports Illustrated model who also happens to be  Christiano Ronaldo’s gf of more than 3 years) What :  Herve Leger Skintight Bandage Skirt with a black top About the Style  : Herve Leger ( air-vay lay-jay) has known to pioneer what we know as the bandage style dress.This style has […]

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18 Things I Shouldn’t Do After a Heartbreak

 1. Hate them : Yeah. It’s natural. They hurt me. It’s only human that my natural response is to hate them. In fact, some relationship advice says you should hate your ex, just so you’ll be careful not to end up in a relationship with someone similar again. But you know what? Other than the fact […]

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Trending – The Retro Bikini

There is no end to the number of bikinis a girl can own.And with this post I am sure you each one of you will want to have one more to your collection. What is a Retro Bikini ? – Retro bikini is a two piece swimwear with a high waisted bottom Who should wear […]

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Reducing Your Risk to Cancer

This ‘C’ word has always stirred fear in me. When I was just 16, I visited the home for terminally ill cancer patients and since then I haven’t been able to get the faces of those people who knew they could die anytime off my mind. Sounds morbid but only those who go through it […]

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7 Things To Understand When Choosing the One

30 years ago life was simple.Found a guy,got married.Lived together, happily or sad.Marriage mostly meant forever.Expectations were less , responsibility was divided and society and reputation meant everything. Times are different now.We belong to a generation where we do not think twice before quitting our high paying jobs to do something we love.We don’t hesitate […]

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