Month: August 2013

5 Little things that Women stress over in a Relationship ( and how to deal with it)

What are the most common things that stress girls in a relationship.Men,read on to understand your women and their insecurities better and women ,read on to handle these issues better : 1. Boys Night out : No girl ,no matter how cool she is , is 100 % cool with a boys night out.Of course, […]

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Greece- Why I fell in Love with it

Getting lost in the old town streets, sipping mojitos while watching the sun dip inside the sea, having roast meat with baked potatoes in quaint restaurants with red and white checkered table clothes, sipping wine on the boat sailing on the blue clear sea, petting the Greek cats that roam with a free soul on […]

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“Why Women date Assholes ” – A response

Original Article : ( click to read) The above article has been doing rounds on facebook with people sharing it quite a bit.I always enjoy a good article especially if it is on relationships and I must say it is a very well articulated one.The thoughts are clear and crisp.As much as I say […]

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What do your dreams mean ?

Have you always wondered what your dreams mean? Have you ever got up feeling your dream was so real that it could be true or have you actually gotten angry at someone because they did something wrong in your dreams? I was a psychology student and I spent a lot of my time reading on […]

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