Month: July 2013

5 Behaviour We Just Do not Understand – Version 1.0

Have you ever seen someone do or say something that makes you goes “What !how does that even make sense” or ”  Isn’t it basic common sense”.Well, we are all different.None of us are perfect and we all have our little quirks.Stating such 5 very common quirks that sometimes succeeds in baffling our understanding of […]

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Shop Alert : Bonita Beauty Parlour (Singapore)

For all those looking for a convenient one-stop shop for all beauty treatments, visit Bonita @ Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar. Why Bonita? It is extremely affordable and has amazing beauty packages.They offer you personalized treatment with utmost care and patience. What are the treatments available at Bonita? Bonita offers a wide range of treatments […]

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Why Every Girl should get HPV Vaccine-Cervical Cancer Prevention

“Be Brave , Ask Questions “ When my doctor first told me about the HPV vaccine, the vaccine used to prevent Cervical Cancer, I dismissed it. I did not know anyone who had used it. In my mind, I thought this was a new vaccination and who knew what side effects it would have. I […]

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5 Healthy Habits to have in a Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and down. You will experience both Friday cheers and Monday blues but it is important to understand that this is normal in any relationship. What is important is that you have a mutual trust that both of you can work anything out together. As long as the smiles are more […]

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5 Reasons to Reconsider being Friends with your Ex

This is quite a tricky topic and most people might read it and say,’Of course you can be, I am friends with my ex and it is perfectly ok’. True but if you are able to be friends, it’s either because you were never in love when together or you are still in love or […]

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5 Big No for a girl on her first date – The man’s side of the story

  We had earlier published an article on the traits that would make a girl re-consider going on a date with a guy. Today we tell you the men’s side of the story. What are the things that would make a man not ask a girl out for the second date. Here are the top […]

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5 Perfumes Girls Will Dig

  Million brands, million scents. How do you decide which perfume suits you the most? Which is your signature scent? Floral, citrus, oceanic, green or oriental? As much as women rate good smell as one of the must haves in a man, it is important for women to smell good too. It reflects that she […]

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5 men you might want to avoid after your first date!

Is he the one? Is he not the one? Tough one to answer especially after your first date. Women might not know what they want so soon but few traits can definitely help them clutter out what they do not need. Obviously there are exceptions but those are rare. So here is a guide to […]

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5 lessons I learnt as I crossed 25

1. Life is never black or white -As your grow up, you are taught things which are right and wrong. Once you are 18, the line between them blurs. Once you reach 24,you realize that nothing is ever right or wrong completely. Things you despised or made fun about, happens to you. People, who you […]

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5 Must Have(s) In your Make Up Bag

Most of us are not make up experts but yet we wish, that we knew the basics to at least make us look better than better when we go out. It took me more than a year to figure out what cosmetic suits me the most and I can confidently say I am still learning. […]

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